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Quectel GPS Module

Product Name: Quectel GPS Module
Item No. : L30
Size&Interface: 9*9*1.6mm/ LCC

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Product Description


L30, a GPS receiver module, which is based on the lastest SIRFstarIV ROM version 2.2, features extremely compact profile of 9.0 x 9.0 x 1.6mm and low current consumption of only 31 mA during tracking. Highest sensitivity down to -163dBm for tracking satellites along with lowest Time-To-First-Fix fulfill the toughest requirements.


L30 supports aided-GPS function without the necessity of downloading data from server since it automatically captures ephemeris data from satellites locally and predicts ephemeris over 3 days without server assistance.


With embedded active jammer remover, L30 can track and remove up to 8 CW (Carrier Wave) type signals up to 80dB-HZ signal level. This feature ensures fast and accurate navigation in hostile signal or high noise environment.


Its high sensitivity, lower power consumption and 48-PRN channels make L30 the best choice for portable device such as vehicle tracking, personal tracking, asset tracking, connected PND and security device.


Key benefits   

●  Extremely compact size, 9.0 x 9.0 x1.6mm

●  High tracking sensitivity, -163dBm

●  High autonomous acquisition sensitivity, -148dBm

●  Power saving modes

●  Self-Assisted CGEE function

●  Hardware Baud Rate Configuration

●  5Hz Navigation Update Rate



●  Low power consumption:
    Acquisition: 33mA @ -130dBm
    Tracking: 31mA @ -130dBm

General Specifications
  L1 Band Receiver
Channel Number 48 channels
  C/A Code  
  Horizontal Position
Autonomous <2.5 m CEP
  SBAS <2.0 m CEP
  Velocity Accuracy Without Aid < 0.01m/s
  Acceleration Accuracy Without Aid 0.1 m/s²
  Timing Accuracy   <500ns


Reacquisition Time

  TTFF(Time to First Fix) Cold Start <35s
  Warm Start <35s
  Warm Start with CGEE 10s typ.
  Hot Start <1s
  Sensitivity with External LNA Autonomous Acquisition -148dBm
  Tracking -163dBm
  Reacquisition -160dBm
  Environmental Operating Temperature -40℃ to 85℃
    Storage Temperature -45℃ to 125℃
  Dynamic Performance Maximum Altitude Max.18288m
  Maximum Velocity 514m/s
  Maximum Acceleration 4G
  Dimensions 9.0 x 9.0 x 1.6mm
  Weight Approx. 0.6g
  Active Jammer Remover Removes in-band jammers up to 80 dB-Hz
Tracks up to 8 CW jammers
Serial Interfaces
  One Multiplexed Interface UART Adjustable: Baud rate configured by Hardware
Default: 4800 bps
  IIC (master/slave): Up to 400 Kbps
  I/O Voltage 2.0V ~ 3.6V
  Protocols NMEA
Electrical Data
  Power Supply 2.0V ~ 3.6V
  Power Acquisition 33mA @ -130dbm
  Power Tracking 31mA @ -130dbm
  Hibernate 15uA
  Power Saving ATP, PTF, Hibernate
  Antenna Type Passive and active
  Antenna Power External