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Press Release SIMCom select Links Field Networks as strategic partner for 4G &NB IoT softSIM in Q417


Links Field Networks was selected as the strategic partner of SIMCom Wireless for GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning and SoftSIM related business.

Links Field Network (LF), expert in GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) and Global Cellular Connectivity distribution announced to be the strategic partner of SIMCom Wireless, who provides total solutions: supplement of global mobile connectivity via SoftSIM with sophisticated Device Connectivity Platform (DCP) and Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) platform.

Wendy Wang, General Manager of SIMCom Wireless introduces that: 'this is logic enough for our customers looking for both hardware and connectivity services from SIMCom Wireless, and I believe, to provide connectivity services will help to grow the company significantly. This is a BOLD and VITAL move.'

Gary Wong, Director of LF also agrees that : 'With embedded SoftSIM and connectivity ready in the modules, customers can now more focus on their products and let LF to handle all the connectivity issues. '

From Q4 2017, most of the GSM Module models including 2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT from SIMCom Wireless will be embedded with Bootstrap enabled by LF. Device owners could make use of the DCP from LF to make purchase, monitor and control the connectivity.

As of today, 4G series SIM7600, 2G series SIM800C/SIM800F and SIM868 series are ready with Global Connectivity enabled by LF via SoftSIM.